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Brian Wallenberg

Man of Many Talents

Professional Wrestling Referee

Since 2002, Brian has been a referee for Midwest Pro Wrestling (MPW) in Minnesota, and other wrestling promotions in Minnesota and Utah.

In February of 2002, entered into the MPW wrestling training camp, learning all aspects of being an official of the sport, including taking bumps. The training camp also develops all in-ring athletic skills.

By the end of March, 2002, Brian is fully trained, and ready for action, and has been in the ring during the MPW shows, and has been on tour in shows in armories, clubs, and gymnasiums around the Twin City Metro area, and in other towns in Southern Minnesota including Albert Lea, Le Sueur and Belle Plaine. It didn't take long before Brian assumed the position of "Senior Referee."

In 2003, Brian joined the roster for Steel Domain Wrestling (SDW), where he was asked by promoter, Ed Hellier to referee matches for his TV show on KSTC-TV channel 45.

In 2004, SDW started promoting an annual show at the Rainbow Arena in Brookings, South Dakota, where they had about a thousand fans in attendance. There, Brian had the opportunity to work with WWE, WCW and TNA superstars such as Ken Anderson, Rhyno, R-Truth, Matt Longtime, Disco Inferno, just

to name a few.

In April of 2002, MPW promoted an outdoor show in a small town of Belle Plaine, in Southern Minnesota. Being around the turn of the season, it unexpectedly had a snowstorm on the day of the show. It snowed the entire time. Instead of cancelling the show, MPW decided to go with it. They had to shovel out the ring after every match. In this picture, which was in the town's local newspaper, "The Belle Plaine Herald", you can see Brian in the ring in snowy conditions.

Brian has officiated over 600 Professional Wrestling matches in his career. Many of these matches were on TV. Here are his highlight matches;

79 Main event matches

8 MPW Heavyweight Championships

34 MPW Cruiserweight Championships

1 MPW Midwest Championships

43 MPW Tag-Team Championships

1 SDW Tag-Team Championships

1 SDW Heavyweight Championships

1 SDW TV Championships

1 CZW Hardcore Championships

55 Tag-Team Matches

MPW Arena, 2004.1 Mixed Tag-Team Matches

3 Inter-gender Tag-Team Matches

5 6-Man Tag-Team matches

2 6-Man Tag/Elimination Cage


6 Triple-Threat matches

1 8-Man Tag Elimination match

1 Ladder match

1 Cage match

4 Battle Royals

7 Women's matches

1 Women's Tag-Team match

MPW Arena, 20043 Inter-gender matches

3 Hardcore matches

1 Handicapped Elimination match

2 Fatal 4Way matches

2 TLC matches

1 Hair vs. Hair match

1 Body Slam match

1 Hog-Tie Match

1 Lumberjack match

1 Handicapped Hardcore match

1 Fatal 6-Way Elimination match

2 Fatal 4-Way Elimination matches

These photos are from matches in the MPW Arena, which was located in Rogers, Minnesota.

SDW has also used this arena for some of their shows.

When MPW acquired their own arena, that did limit the amount of shows that were held in other places, such as armories, gyms, bars, and other places. MPW held weekly shows in the arena, which became a regular attraction for wrestling fans. This also made it easier to construct a cage for cage matches, which could not have been possible if shows were held elsewhere.

This also helped in making the MPW superstars more well known, since shows were held regularly. In fact, they even held autograph signings.

Brian signs these pictures for his fans during autograph sessions.

Here, Brian posed for a picture with some kids at an autograph signing at the MPW Arena.

MPW had a huge outdoor show at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, in the summer of 2002. This was Brian's 1st big show since joining MPW.

It was in this show that Brian got his first chance to work in the ring with Ken Anderson, who later on worked for the WWE and TNA promotions.

Enjoy these photos taken at the Mall of America.

Brian officiating an MPW

Heavyweight Championship


Brian & Ken Anderson, who

later worked for the WWE.

Brian declaring female

wrestler O.D.B. the winner.

Brian counting the 1-2-3 in the

match with Ken Anderson.

Now that Brian lives in Utah, he has worked for UCW Wrestling, where he does no more referring for, but now works for EPW Wrestling in Utah