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Brian Wallenberg

Man of Many Talents

Forestry & Wildlife Degree

Brian has a degree in Forestry & Wildlife Conservation he received in 1998 from the Professional Career Development Institute.

Brian learned a lot about Ecology, and about soils, trees, lakes and how Organisms live in all varieties of ecosystems.

Brian is big in the outdoors, with camping, hiking, watching wildlife.

That's what interested him in learning more.

Brian's favorite places to camp is Itaska State Park, in Northern Minnesota, which is the headwaters of the Mississippi River.

And also, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, located on the shore of Lake Superior, which has a real lighthouse overlooking Lake Superior.

Brian's first camping trip was to Eagle Mountain, located in the Superior National Forest in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Northeast Minnesota.

And, when Brian moved to Utah, he was able to explore the lakes and mountains that Utah has to offer. Brian takes is wife and kids on camping trips. Some of their favorite spots include the Wasatch and Uinta National Forests.

Brian also loves wildlife. He collects taxidermy mounts, and has built a wildlife museum at his home.